About Me

I’m Garrett Morrison, a high-school English teacher living on Central Coast of California. Evenings and weekends I work on my Ph.D. dissertation, “Publishing Region: Literary Production in the Gold Rush West.” Follow me on Twitter: @garrettfm. Or not. Up to you.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. That’s a writer’s name if I ever heard one. It’s the noble middle name that does the trick. It serves up gravitas with just a sprinkling of pompousness, like nutmeg on your latte. Yum.

    1. True story: Until like two days ago, there was a parenthetical after the first sentence that read, “(Please let me know if you find the use of my middle name pretentious. I’m on the fence.)” I took it out because I figured, what the hell, I’ll roll with the middle name. Now I know I made the right decision. “Gravitas with just a sprinkling of pompousness.” Love it.

      1. Plus, it’s ballsy. Like walking out on stage in a lemon yellow tuxedo. People are gonna watch you to see what you do with it, and they’re gonna expect something big.

        PS: I’m deducting ten points from your final score for using “like” like a valley girl.

      2. 1) But I AM kind of a valley girl.

        2) Jellyfish make me happy – especially when they’re in a tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and they can’t sting me.

      3. !. Valley girls don’t have five o’clock shadows.

        2. Always wanted to see Monterey Bay, maybe even live there. After the Big One breaks it off from the rest of California, it becomes a sovereign nation, and all current outlandish taxes are abolished. So, ten years, tops.

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