A Mook Takes a MOOC

I have opinions about Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), but I haven’t actually taken one. Whoops. Well, today that will change when I “attend” the first day of “class” for Cathy N. Davidson’s “meta”-MOOC, “History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education.”

Davidson is a professor of English at Duke University, one of the schools that has allowed Coursera to license its MOOCs to Antioch University. But she is also one of my intellectual idols, and has generally said all the right things about labor inequality in academia.

So I was surprised that she hitched her wagon to Coursera’s star, and I told her so on Twitter:

View my story “Cathy N. Davidson, Coursera, and Little Old Me” on Storify.

My thanks to Professor Davidson for engaging with me, and for clarifying that she will not permit Coursera to farm her MOOC out to poorer universities. She is refusing to abdicate responsibility for how her educational materials are used. Let’s hope other “superprofessors,” including her Duke colleagues Roger Barr and Mohamed A. Noor, follow her lead.

Anyway. Consider me ready to (attempt to) learn.


2 thoughts on “A Mook Takes a MOOC

    1. What a sweet comment! Although I haven’t updated this blog since my escape from academia, I have let it stand just in case folks like you come along. Thank you so much!

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